Thanks to the innovative optAd360 AI Engine technology, you can use tools designed
for more effective content monetization and website development.

Revenue Booster

Intelligently supplements the ad layout with additional units in places of increased user activity. Revenue Booster allows you to add custom premium formats sold at the highest CPM rates, enabling an effortless increase of your primary earnings from the same number of page views.

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Recovery Tool

Automatically recovers and monetizes ad impressions lost due to improper ad unit loading or other technical errors. Recovery Tool analyzes the website in search of unsold ad slots and resells them, enabling you to earn more on your existing ad layout.

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optAd360 CMP

Free tool compatible with the guidelines and standards of IAB Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0, mandatory for every publisher with traffic from the European Union. It is designed to securely manage recipients' consents for using their data within the scope of personalized advertising.

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Ad Mapper

Automatically creates a flexible ad layout, adjusted to the specifics of your website. Ad Mapper optimizes the monetization process and allows you to acquire even higher income from the display, video, and native ads while ensuring a positive user experience.

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Ad Revenue Index

Ad Revenue Index allows you to follow the global advertisers' spending trends every day and to compare them with your ad emission revenue. That enables you to anticipate market trends better and take appropriate action.

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What you can expect from us

We make every effort to adjust our services to the needs of all publishers entrusting us with their websites’ monetization. We offer you technology that used to be available only to a narrow group of the largest publishers.


Fast payment methods


30-day billing period


Verified ad vendors


GCPP and IAB certificates


Service start up to 48h


Support in 16 languages

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optAd360 AI Engine

One Tag Programmatic Solution

optAd360 AI Engine initiates products for website monetization and manages the process of selling advertising inventory.

Thanks to its features, the ad layout adapts to specific pages of the website, and ad units inside it are intelligently refreshed to obtain maximum revenue. You only need to insert a single tag in the <head> section of your website for optAd360 AI Engine to optimize your ad space. This simple solution allows you to access innovative monetization methods that will increase profits by at least 30%.

Arief Rizqi Masardi
Peter Nagy
Roberto Fuentes

Troubleshoot service, fast response, great insight, and willingness to share are why optAd360’s advertising optimization works well.

Arief Rizqi Masardi
Ads Ops Manager at

Thanks to cooperation with optAd360, we managed to optimize our advertising space and significantly increase its potential. We appreciate their professional approach and seamless collaboration.

Peter Nagy
Product Specialist at

optAd360 caught my attention when I saw the way their ads work. They broadened my horizons in Ad Exchange technology and helped to meet my goals by increasing my revenue. Thanks to their Ad Revenue Index, I understood market fluctuations. Above all, I appreciate the transparency and support at all times.

Roberto Fuentes
Chief Technology Officer at

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