Recovery Tool

Monetize lost ad impressions

Recovery Tool re-sells and fills ad units not loaded for various reasons,
recovering lost impressions and enabling the monetization process.

How does the Recovery Tool prevent you from losing ad revenue?

The Recovery Tool locates ad units containing ad impressions unsold for various reasons and prevents profit loss. That is due to putting these units back for sale. Monetizing lost ad impressions can increase your earnings by at least 15%.

Ad unit loading failure

The profits generated by your website may turn out to be lower than initially assumed. Ad units do not always load properly, and the lack of ads reduces revenue. Detecting such errors is not easy because the difficulties appear at a particular moment, for a singular user, on a specific device.

There can be many reasons for the ad to load incorrectly:

  • broken ad chain,
  • connection timeout of website,
  • lack of adserver calls,
  • bad call for ad creatives,
  • impact of viruses and malware,
  • adserver crash at the loading of the page,
  • user’s loss of internet connection,
  • change of display resolution,
  • poor internet connection, resulting in failing operations needed to load the ads correctly.

What you can gain

An increase of at least 15% in website revenues thanks to monetization of lost ad impressions.

Automated website analysis to find and re-sell unfilled ad units.

Preventing empty ad units' from appearing.

Suitable for the optimization of your website's monetization process.

Effective and easily implemented solution for various types of devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

optAd360 AI Engine

One Tag Programmatic Solution

optAd360 AI Engine initiates products for website monetization and manages the process of selling advertising inventory.

Thanks to its features, the ad layout adapts to specific pages of the website, and ad units inside it are intelligently refreshed to obtain maximum revenue. You only need to insert a single tag in the <head> section of your website for optAd360 AI Engine to optimize your ad space. This simple solution allows you to access innovative monetization methods that will increase profits by at least 30%.

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Arief Rizqi Masardi
Peter Nagy
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Thanks to cooperation with optAd360, we managed to optimize our advertising space and significantly increase its potential. We appreciate their professional approach and seamless collaboration.

Peter Nagy
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optAd360 caught my attention when I saw the way their ads work. They broadened my horizons in Ad Exchange technology and helped to meet my goals by increasing my revenue. Thanks to their Ad Revenue Index, I understood market fluctuations. Above all, I appreciate the transparency and support at all times.

Roberto Fuentes
Chief Technology Officer at

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