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Benefit from mobile applications’ growing potential

Efficient solutions to proficiently monetize content in your mobile app.

Most mobile applications function in the freemium or free-to-play model. The content is, hence, divided into free and premium, which requires a fee to be displayed. If the app is free, the income comes from the monetization of user traffic. And this is what we want to help you with. If you wish to earn on your application, we have prepared effective and proven solutions.

Ad implementation is one of the popular methods to monetize mobile apps’ traffic. Add our advertising tags in the application to gain access to many SSPs and DSPs, including Google Ad Exchange, and earn money on programmatic ads. Appropriate ad formats guarantee higher profits, which is why we offer you verified solutions recommended by IAB Europe and Google.

Profit from solutions such as Interstitial, Sticky, and in-stream video ads. We will provide you with comprehensive support for direct and programmatic campaigns carried out in your application. Working with us, you can be sure that the effects of selling advertising space will be constantly analyzed and optimized for you to achieve higher income. 

What you can gain

Comprehensive service in direct and programmatic advertising.

Effective monetization of content published in the mobile application.

Optimally selected formats, in line with the recommendations of IAB and Google.

Constant optimization of advertising space selling activities.

Most popular ad formats

Sticky Ad

Interstitial Ad

Pre-roll In-stream Video Ad

Static Ad (300x250)

Add at least one of them

To boost your ad revenue

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Our partners

Lupon Media
Index Exchange
RTB House
Smile Wanted
Blue Rooster Media
152 Media

What you can expect from us

We make every effort to adjust our services to the needs of all publishers entrusting us with their content monetization. We offer you technology that used to be available only to a narrow group of the largest publishers.


Fast payment methods


30-day billing period


Verified ad vendors


GCPP and IAB certificates


Service start up to 48h


Support in 17 languages

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