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The mobile games market is one of the fastest growing. Mobile games often don’t require high-end devices to run properly nor consume as much users’ time as computer games do, becoming a part of users’ everyday life as a form of entertainment within easy reach. It means that mobile games reveal promising income-generating capabilities.

Mobile games can be divided into paid and free ones. However, paid games can bring instant yet short-term revenue, as users download free ones more often. This makes game developers mainly create free games and apply monetization methods that are more profitable in the long run, such as in-app payments and in-app ads.

In-app advertising is the most popular way to monetize your mobile game. It can be done, for example, by placing non-disturbing banners throughout the game, displaying Interstitials during natural game pauses, or serving video ads as a form for the user to gain game-related rewards (like additional life, in-game currency, or premium items).

The key to profitable mobile game monetization lies in selecting the right tools and networks, together with applying the most effective monetization techniques. You can achieve that effortlessly with the Bidlogic technology, whose algorithms and individual approach, coupled with our premium ad formats and access to many SSPs, deliver remarkable monetization effects.

What you can gain

Increased income from mobile game monetization.

Constant optimization of ad inventory selling processes.

Access to Bidlogic automating management of the most popular ad mediation platforms (ironSource LevelPlay, and Applovin MAX).

Proven ad formats (Rewarded Video, Interstitial, and Banner), non-disturbing the players’ experience.

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We make every effort to adjust our services to the needs of all publishers entrusting us with their content monetization. We offer you technology that used to be available only to a narrow group of the largest publishers.


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