Dziennik Wschodni is a regional portal of the Lubelskie voivodeship.

Published information relate to cultural and sporting events. The website was created based on the largest news source of the Lublin region and is formed by a team of about 40 people. Both the newspaper and the website of Dziennik Wschodni deal with topics important to the region’s inhabitants and enjoy extraordinary popularity.

Dziennik Wschodni


The main problem of Dziennik Wschodni was the difficulty in managing numerous direct campaigns conducted on the website. When looking for support in the monetization process, the publisher used other ad providers’ services, but none of the cooperations brought satisfactory results. The publisher also wished to have access to statistics of his daily revenues, which until now he has only received as the financial report in the form of a data summary once a month.


Our proposal for the Dziennik Wschodni website was to provide full support for direct campaigns combined with programmatic ads, which perfectly complement already generated income. Additionally, we offered to locate new possible ad placements and arrange them in the most efficient way.


We have provided a comprehensive service of direct campaigns conducted by Dziennik Wschodni, along with the reporting function. We began to manage the website’s advertising space with Google Ad Manager, handling campaigns acquired by the publisher. With Ad Mapper, we created a functional and flexible ad layout, thus implementing new placements to significantly contribute to the optimization of the website’s ad space. Thanks to the Reports 24/7, optAd360 AI Engine technology enables the publisher to analyze his current results. We have also diversified the ad formats on the site by adding native, video out-stream, and Interstitial ads.

Products we used

Ad Mapper

Ad Mapper

Automatically creates a flexible ad layout, adjusted to the specifics of your website. Ad Mapper optimizes the monetization process and allows you to acquire even higher income from the display, video, and native ads while ensuring a positive user experience.

optAd360 CMP

optAd360 CMP

Free tool compatible with the guidelines and standards of IAB Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0, mandatory for every publisher with traffic from the European Union. It is designed to securely manage recipients' consents for using their data within the scope of personalized advertising.

Outcomes and benefits

In just a few months of cooperation, we managed about 100 of the publisher’s direct campaigns. Additionally, in the period from July to November 2020, we recorded an over 31% increase in revenues compared to the same period in 2019, when another provider supported the website. The publisher has constant access to financial reports, thanks to which he can analyze the effectiveness of applied solutions at any time.


direct campaigns managed


publisher's revenue increase

Arief Rizqi Masardi
Peter Nagy
Roberto Fuentes

Troubleshoot service, fast response, great insight, and willingness to share are why optAd360’s advertising optimization works well.

Arief Rizqi Masardi
Ads Ops Manager at

Thanks to cooperation with optAd360, we managed to optimize our advertising space and significantly increase its potential. We appreciate their professional approach and seamless collaboration.

Peter Nagy
Product Specialist at

optAd360 caught my attention when I saw the way their ads work. They broadened my horizons in Ad Exchange technology and helped to meet my goals by increasing my revenue. Thanks to their Ad Revenue Index, I understood market fluctuations. Above all, I appreciate the transparency and support at all times.

Roberto Fuentes
Chief Technology Officer at

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