Google Certified Publishing Partner and GCPP Premier

  • 12 / 04 / 2024
  • Alicja Graczyk
Google Certified Publishing Partner and GCPP Premier

Mutual trust is a crucial aspect of any successful business or personal relationship. A great way to establish trust, apart from one’s own great experience, is through recommendations, particularly from a prominent industry expert. That’s precisely the case with Google Certified Publishing Partner and, especially, GCPP Premier – a way for Google to distinguish companies a publisher can trust. In this article, you will find out why!

Google Certified Publishing Partner

The Google Certified Publishing Partner Program was developed to distinguish companies that are verified by Google and are experts when it comes to Google products. Here are some of the requirements for candidates:

  • A proof of how the company has helped the publisher succeed (using dedicated services and technologies, but also with thoughtful advice);
  • The applicant finished a half-a-year onboarding trial and has been taken care of by the Channel Partner Manager for at least 1 year;
  • The company fulfilled the minimum performance requirements for a Channel Partner and all regional requirements;
  • The future GCPP must pass the final evaluation to obtain a badge.

To see whether the company you want to cooperate with belongs to the GCPP – just enter their name in the search engine available on the Google website dedicated to the GCPP program. After finding a company, you can read a description of their business, view contact details, view the website, see awards and certificates, or even see what services the company offers. Significantly, most companies that can boast of the GCPP badge place the program logo on their website, but to be 100% sure, it’s worth visiting the Google website.

Here are some main qualities of GCPP companies:

  • Trusted companion – by entrusting the fate of your monetization to GCPP, you put it in the hands of a company distinguished by Google;
  • Expertise and assistance – thanks to expert knowledge, your profits can increase because GCPP partners know how important it is to optimize every bit of the website possible. Partners also have access to special knowledge panels (like training webinars), so they are constantly trained by Google to help publishers even more professionally;
  • Unique solutions – GCPP partners offer unique solutions tailored specifically to the needs and frequently encountered problems of publishers. This allows publishers to focus not on monetization but on the most critical task for them, which is content creation.

Here is what the GCPP badge looks like:

GCPP logo

Google Certified Publishing Partner Premier

You may have noticed in the screenshot above that the optAd360 profile has a blue badge icon with the inscription “Premier Partner”. Both in the program’s search engine view or after selecting “View profile”, it allows digital publishers to easily distinguish the companies awarded with the GCPP Premier badge.

Importantly, the Google Certified Publishing Partner Premier program is one step further from the GCPP one. The Premier program was made public in 2023 in order to honor partners who met rigorous program criteria. Additionally, partnering with the companies under the Premier version of GCPP offers extra perks to digital content creators themselves! Such advantages include:

  • All the publishers choosing to collaborate with a GCPP Premier partner are provided with all the above-mentioned perks offered by the Google Certified Publishing Partner;
  • Assurance of distinctive partner qualifications, expertise, and knowledge;
  • Priority access to Google’s cutting-edge BETA solutions earlier than the rest of the industry;
  • Personalized high-quality assistance, with which a publisher receives faster, better-tailored help and solutions.

If you’re looking for the remarkable GCPP Premier solutions, you should look for the following badge:

GCPP Premier logo

Custom-tailored solutions

In order to boost your earnings, most GCPPs offer advanced tools that optimize many aspects of the monetization process. If you choose to collaborate with optAd360, here are some solutions that can help you along the way:

  • optAd360 AI Engine improves the monetization process with the assistance of machine learning-based technology. Its main goal is managing the selling of ad inventory so that you can be sure about the best selection of ad space sales strategy, Supply Side Platform (SSP), and type of programmatic auction. Moreover, optAd360 AI Engine positively affects Google Core Web Vitals metrics, which are very important when it comes to your content’s SEO and User Experience. Our technology also allows the application of the products listed below. All of that and more, without complex scripts, just the necessity of implementation of only a single tag that doesn’t require to be altered;
  • The first optAd360 product that should catch your attention is Revenue Booster. It assists in maximizing the potential of your ad layout through in-depth website areas analysis with the highest user activity. Every case is different, and that’s the reason why products like this work best;
  • Our other solution aims at mitigating the results of ad units that didn’t manage to load. Regardless of the reason, it’s possible to re-sell such units so that you won’t lose your revenue. With the Recovery Tool, you can increase your ad income by at least 15%. It’s definitely worth a shot!;
  • Yet another solution tailored to your needs is Ad Mapper. It assists in creating an ad layout that squeezes as much revenue from the ads as possible. Different ad formats and sizes are strategically placed within your content, based on user activity, the type of your audience, and other particular website characteristics.

optAd360 – the Premier League of ad monetization

The GCPP Premier badge we received in 2023 additionally confirms the recognition we have already gained as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. If you’d like to start monetizing your digital content with us, whether it’s a website, blog, mobile app, or game – please become familiar with the requirements to join our network and fill in the registration form. Don’t wait, and help your team score an ad revenue goal!


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