High ticket affiliate marketing in 2024

  • 19 / 01 / 2024
  • Alicja Graczyk
High ticket affiliate marketing in 2024

A lot of novice affiliate marketers aspire to earn big amounts of passive income on recurring commissions with minimal effort. While it’s true that “nothing is impossible”, it’s wise to proceed with caution when starting out in high ticket affiliate marketing and awareness that some hard work still needs to be put in the process. So, where should one begin, and is it truly worth it? Could that be an additional source of income for content creators in 2024? And basically, is high ticket affiliate marketing legit? Let’s explore this topic together!

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is a subcategory of affiliate marketing that deals with promoting high-value items. The main idea is simple – you place information regarding some luxury product or service within your digital content. Then, a user whose interest you managed to gain is redirected to the seller’s landing page through a dedicated affiliate link. If the user will make a purchase, you will earn a commission. The thing about high ticket affiliate marketing is that it’s more profitable than regular affiliate marketing because high ticket products have greater value and hence, can make you be granted way higher commissions!

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Best high ticket affiliate marketing products

High ticket affiliate products have a high price, which should reflect their high quality. If you wish to find this kind of product to promote, it’s best to look for them in the following industries:

  • Education sector – a commission can be quite high on services like courses and trainings;
  • Health and wellness – there are plenty of products and services like yoga class passes or vitamin sets that are worth promoting;
  • Luxury goods – such as jewelry and clothing can be advertised not only as nice accessories to wear but also as investment assets;
  • Electronics – the global electronics market is huge, and many people are willing to spend large amounts of money on computers, cellphones, smartwatches, and many, many more;
  • Banking sector – various financial instruments can be profitable to recommend (it’s not only about the complicated ones like bank loans but also simpler things like credit cards or savings accounts);
  • Housing – real estate is a lucrative niche for high ticket affiliate marketers;
  • Travel – affiliate programs created by luxurious hotels and travel agencies are also worth considering.

The list can actually go on and on, but the areas mentioned above have the potential of generating the biggest commissions. This way, you can promote fewer items and dedicate less time to the process! What’s worth keeping in mind is that most of the time, when we think of selling things online, we think of individual clients. However, it’s wise not to overlook the potential of selling to businesses! Companies often have larger budgets and may be more interested in purchasing products in bulk.

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High ticket affiliate marketing commission types

There are two main ways for high ticket affiliate marketers to earn:

  • get a percentage of a sale
  • or get a fixed rate in a pay-per-click model.

Before agreeing on either type, it’s best to make some calculations on your own. Try not to decide in advance, but rather give it appropriate consideration, and decide which option is more profitable in your case.

How do I get into high affiliate marketing?

  1. Find your strengths and a sector where you know you have an audience that might be potentially interested in a given product or service. Do you have experience in banking and running a financial blog? It may be worth considering recommending a financial instrument. If you are still not sure what to opt for, you can try out tools like Google Trends;
  2. Join a program that resonates most with you. You can even write directly to a company whose products interest you or use one of the affiliate marketing websites connecting content creators interested in this type of marketing with companies enabling it. There are plenty of websites that offer high ticket affiliate programs (on some of them you’ll even find listed requirements). We will recommend a couple of the best ones in the next paragraphs;
  3. Decide on how you want to communicate with potential customers. Efforts spread too thin can result in mediocre outcomes. Try to focus on up to two or three channels, for it’s hard to manage many different ones (like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or a blog) efficiently all at the same time;
  4. After engaging in the program of your choice or signing an agreement directly with a company (remember to clearly establish the terms of cooperation beforehand!) – it’s time to act! It’s important to describe products thoroughly to avoid any misunderstandings or hidden conditions (for instance, it could be misleading if someone opens a seemingly free bank account after reading your article, only to realize later that they have to conduct at least one transaction per month to avoid being charged). Therefore, it’s crucial to be transparent and provide all the necessary information to prevent any unexpected surprises. Your content should be of high quality, all the photos or videos must be in high resolution, and texts should be double-checked before publishing. For that, you can consider using AI tools for digital content creators that can help you with, among others, copywriting issues;
  5. Observe, learn, and optimize your endeavors. Analytical tools like Google Analytics should be utilized by you frequently – not only for affiliate reasons! Be critical of your own actions and also try to stay up to date with the latest news considering your niche and affiliate marketing industry.

High ticket affiliate programs


Shopify has a highly popular affiliate program. It was designed for content creators, educators, and influencers who know how to train entrepreneurs. The platform pays for every new merchant sign-up redirected from your website. The minimum payout threshold is 10$. In order to be accepted to the program, you have to:

  • Own a website that is frequently updated and engaging;
  • Have a loyal and engaged audience;
  • Produce unique and innovative content that includes webinars, online courses, blogs, or video content;
  • Be experienced with Shopify or other similar e-commerce platforms;
  • Have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions of the Shopify Partner Program Agreement.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides a diverse array of products and services that cater to various web hosting needs. In addition to WordPress hosting, they also offer add-ons like backups and server security & compliance. Their affiliate program is dedicated to people who want to earn a commission from every customer who makes purchases on their website through your affiliate links. The good news is you will get 150% worth of the monthly hosting cost, and have the ability to earn more than 150$ for one sale with banner ads and links available for you. You can make it happen by:

  • Putting an affiliate link on your website;
  • Referring your clients or a Business Associate;
  • Putting a “Powered by Liquid Web” logo on your website.


Promoting BigCommerce services might be really profitable. You just have to successfully advertise company software designed for managing online and mobile stores, which includes marketing features, shipping, and tax calculation solutions, tools for building online shops, and more. In order to make things easier for you, BigCommerce offers a wide range of banners, e-mail templates, and other promotional materials. In case you require any assistance, you can reach out to a dedicated account manager. There are different commissions available depending on what your visitor chooses:

  • If someone from your audience decides to purchase an expensive Enterprise plan by clicking your referral link, you can earn as much as 1500$;
  • However, more people decide to opt for cheaper plans (from around 39$ to approximately 400$ a month), and in that case, you can earn 200% worth of the first monthly payment;
  • And if your website’s visitor only registers to BigCommerce, you get 1.50$.


Another affiliate program to check is the one offered by Semrush. You are able to get 200$ per sale and 10$ if someone signs up for a free trial. A company offers many promotional materials and the help of experts when in doubt. It’s worth noting, that your website should have at least 1000 monthly traffic. During the verification process, things like traffic sources, keyword ranking, and website relevance to a Semrush product are analyzed. Don’t forget to include a link to your website, blog, or social media in the application process. The Semrush affiliate program is dedicated to:

  • Content creators whose main interest is SEO, PPC, PR, and related topics;
  • Marketing agencies that value Semrush and want their clients to use it;
  • SEO and marketing educators that acknowledge the advantages of the solution;
  • Paid search specialist;
  • And also, marketers specialized in other fields.

Remember when going affiliate:

  1. Keep in mind that you are legally obliged to post information about cooperation on your website;
  2. Don’t forget about taxes, a situation in every country might look different, so it’s best to look for regulations in specific countries;
  3. Remember that by promoting any product, you guarantee its quality, so choose exclusively the ones you are sure about. This is the only way to create a long-term relationship with users and ensure that there is less to worry about in the future;
  4. Authenticity is the key. It’s not the best idea to promote products of fast-food restaurants if you consider yourself a fitness guru. People are going to be much more eager to buy expensive products from someone whose deeds and words are consistent;
  5. Taking care of the User Experience is a must! If your website is not in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), you run the risk that your content may not be accessible to some people who might be, for instance, visually impaired. Always check the contrast between the text and the background. Importantly, accessibility is not only about being accessible to people with disabilities but also to people in various situations. Think for a second about someone who is watching your video in a public place but he has forgotten his headphones – the only way for your message to reach him in a proper way is to put subtitles in your video;
  6. The visual side of your content is also critical. People tend to have positive emotional responses to things that are pleasant to the eye. Nowadays, many graphic designers believe that less is more, so it’s safer not to overstimulate your audience with too much trying. If you believe your graphic, video, or photography skills are not enough, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. But before paying a professional, search for an easy-to-use tool that will make half of the job done. An example of such might be Canva;
  7. There are many reasons why SEO should be vital for you. Most people find products and services through search engines. That’s why you have to figure out what the ranking factors are, how to properly do keyword research, what is E-E-A-T, or, among others, what is the purpose of internal and external linking;
  8. Connect with your audience. Before sharing something, try to step in their shoes. Try to imagine the potential needs, hopes, and concerns. You can also try to connect personally with someone who resembles your target persona (portrayal of your ideal customer, which is partly based on real-life characteristics and partly fictionalized). While producing your content, keep in mind what you have discovered and imagined.

Pros and cons of high ticket affiliate marketing

Pros include:

  • Although affiliate marketing is popular, advertising high-price items is less common in opposition to selling lots of items at low prices;
  • Even beginners who find an adequate niche and, with a little bit of luck, can have satisfactory results;
  • You can choose from many available affiliate programs;
  • Because it’s affiliate marketing, it can allow you to make passive income. You put in an effort once, and even after a long time, someone interested in a particular product or service may stumble upon your content and gain you provision.

Cons include:

  • The commission made with high ticket affiliate marketing is higher, yet fewer people are likely to buy something that is worth a lot of money than would be to purchase items usually recommended through affiliations;
  • In order to convince people to click your affiliate links and make a purchase (especially when a product or service has a high price), you have to make a lot of effort. Such clients, before making final decisions, would like to know all that’s necessary; therefore, you have to provide a lot of information and be very persuasive;
  • High prices of products and services that you promote may also pose some risks. Usually, people, after spending some large amounts of money are more demanding. Therefore, there’s a higher chance that somebody will not be fully content, and that can turn against you. Angry users can leave unpleasant messages or otherwise undermine trust in you;
  • Because of high prices, people might also be less trusting. When it comes to larger sums of money, people want to know the person on the other side of the screen. It might be wise to include some bio, attach a picture of yourself inspiring confidence, and maybe include information about your educational background that is relevant to what you’re currently promoting – in other words, there’s some additional work you should do.

How much do high ticket affiliate marketing people make?

The best answer to this question is – it depends. Of course, some top marketers can earn millions of dollars a year, but the majority get only a small percentage of this staggering amount, especially as beginners. The ultimate outcome is the mixture of many elements: the time and effort you put into high ticket affiliate marketing, the type of audience you have, the popularity of products you promote, and many other factors. As per a survey conducted by the Influencer Marketing Hub, more than 57% of individual affiliate marketers generate below 10.000 USD of affiliate income yearly. More than 16% earn up to 50.000 USD and a similar percentage gets even more than that. While the numbers prove accurate, it’s important to remember that those who succeed believe that the sky’s the limit, and it’s best to assume their approach!

Think bigger

Are you looking for more ways to generate income online? If so, you should know that diversifying your approach to making money can lead to optimal outcomes. One technique that has been known for providing consistent revenue is ad monetization. The bigger your traffic, the more you can earn from the ads in your online space. Similar to affiliate marketing, there are multiple forms of ad monetization. It’s crucial that you acquaint yourself with the concept of programmatic advertising to increase your chances of generating satisfactory results from your online efforts. Don’t wait any longer and start earning from your hard work – we are here to assist you at every step of the way!

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