Why programmatic ads take time?

  • 08 / 09 / 2021
  • Agata Kapinska
Why programmatic ads take time?

Programmatic advertising has taken the industry by storm. But unlike many might think, it did not happen within a day. Let’s look into why personalized ad emission takes time and if it’s worth the wait.

Compelling revenue and satisfied users

So you decided to introduce programmatic advertising, hoping to take your website monetization to the next level. That’s great! You also thought so, expecting sky-high revenue right away, but feel a bit disappointed instead? Take it easy; programmatic ads pay off over time! You need to relax and trust that satisfactory results in rates and coverage are to come. Don’t just take my word for it; look into stats showing how programmatic took over the global advertising industry.

Looks promising, right? There is no doubt in the potential hiding behind personalized ad emission, and the best part is that it’s beneficial for your business and audience! For you, dear publisher, programmatic means higher rates because advertisers pay more for a specific user. As for your content recipients, this upgrade means ads in a preferable context, which is simply more useful than the display of random products.

Data on the way

So many benefits, but what about results? Easy, just let advertisers get to know your website capability. In practice, that means the technology needs to gather and analyze enough data to profile your website for the market. Do you wonder why it takes time since the idea was to automate the whole process? Because even technology needs to learn 😉

Once you start to monetize with programmatic, some data must be obtained to make it work. It’s necessary so advertisers recognize your website potential. Specifics like ad formats and ad layout are considered in generating statistics needed for your ad space’s pricing. Those have a direct impact on creations’ visibility, in other words, on their efficiency. There are many elements like this to take into account, but an essential aspect is your audience.

source: https://giphy.com

It’s all about users

Programmatic is all about personalized ad emission, therefore users. It’s their attention advertisers seek and pay for. The more known their habits are, the better. The advantage of programmatic ads is that they catch the eye of a particular user with a specific ad. Thanks to cookies, displayed ads are based on previous searches, localization, even device, making advertisements website’s visitors come across that much more serviceable. It allows advertisers to target better than ever, thus more accurately meet consumer preferences. Overall, that means two things – first of all, you answer your audience’s expectations regarding advertisement and earn money for each specific user. But for that to happen, enough data has to be collected. Only then can advertisers find users visiting your website attractive and pay for their receptiveness.

It’s worth the wait

Just imagine you’re about to invest in a promising start-up, but have no knowledge whatsoever about its products nor target. It wouldn’t feel like a great idea, right? And that’s the advertisers’ perspective when a new website with an interesting audience appears on the ad exchange platforms. Until there is enough data to back your advertising space potential, advertisers will bid with reserve just to explore the ground.

As you see, programmatic doesn’t work with a snap of the fingers. It takes time for technology, thus advertisers, to get to know you. It’s a data-driven solution, and data itself doesn’t fall from the sky. It has to be gathered and analyzed. The most valid statistics can be gained within approximately a month, so that’s when you can expect to see significant results. Sure, it would be awesome to make great money right away, but isn’t it better to invest some time for truly compelling results?

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